Walk alongside local youth groups as they reach out to teens in their home cities...

What Is EXIT?

Cooperation with Schools

Thanks to a nationwide policy that mandates preventive programs in each high school, classes are cancelled for a day allowing the EXIT program in to share with students.

A professional Christian band performs an opening concert and national Christian lectures are invited into classes throughout the day for talks on relevant topics for the young people. The day ends with a final show and students are invited to afternoon activities in cooperation with the local churches in the area.

Cooperation with Churches

Several weeks before the tour arrives, training events are held for Christians in the city. The goal is to prepare them for contact with students, as well as follow-up activities afterward.

Local churches take responsibility for various afternoon activities to meet with students and build relationships, as well as create a bridge between non-believers and the church.

Closing Concert

The highlight of the Tour is the concert at the end of the week performed by the American band for all the participating schools. Hundreds of students have the opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel and afterwards band members meet with young people to talk, hand out Bibles, and encourage them to get involved in a local church. 

Open Doors

In 2008, God miraculously opened the doors into Czech public high schools! Using an innovative program, EXIT was welcomed in to give lectures, concerts, and workshops introducing young people to Biblical values and faith in the Czech Republic.