Group Opportunities 

Teams that come to the Czech Republic with EXIT have one primary purpose: to share their lives and the love of Jesus Christ through peer to peer relationships with students that have probably had little or no contact with Christians, the Bible, or the truth of Jesus Christ.

One thing that we are really hoping for you as the leader of the team is that you can focus on your team. Our desire is to make this trip as easy as possible for you so that you can spend your time pouring into the students and leaders who you are bringing with you and the students and leaders that you will be meeting.

The members of your team will be apart of the daily setup of the programs and also help lead our English game program at the schools.   This doesn’t mean your students are teachers, but rather they have a desire to build relationships through games. Your team will also be active participants in the discussion groups, helping the group leader in answering questions about God and sharing the hope of Christ.  Finally, your team will be building relationships with Czech students, which will be integral in shaping the Czech perception of who Christ is.

Commitment and Team Size

A typical church team commitment is approximately 10 days out of country including time at the end of the trip  for debrief.  Ideally, your team should be between 4-8 people and should be a mix of adults and high school or older students.

2016 Tour Dates

all dates begin with a Friday departure.

FALL 2016

  • October 01 - Oct. 10
  • October 14 - Oct. 24
  • October 28 26 - Nov. 07
  • November 11 - Nov. 19
  • November 25 - Dec. 06 

Spring 2016

  • January 29 - Feb. 08
  • February 12 - Feb. 22
  • February 26 - Mar. 04
  • March 11 - Mar. 21
  • April 01 - Apr. 11
  • May 06 - May 16 


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