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Kevin and his wife Daniela have been serving with Josiah Venture since June of 2010; however, their ministry in the Czech Republic started many years before that. Kevin and Daniela love being a part of EXIT as they can invest into the lives of youth groups and young Christians across Eastern Europe as well as have the opportunity to interact with thousands of non believing students in local high schools through EXIT Tour and other projects they are involved in.





Jena has been serving with EXIT since September 2011. Before that he studied After-School Education at the University of Southern Bohemia and after graduation attended the International Conservatory of Prague to study music. During his second year of music school, Jena was offered a bass player position with EXIT and saw that God was leading him to be a part of this ministry full-time. He continues to serve in his local church and with other churches in worship as a musician and leader.

   Bogdan Lach  church trainings


Bogdan Lach

church trainings

Bogdan (or Boza) works full-time for EXIT and is responsible for outreach/evangelical trainings for youth that are involved in program. Bogdan and his wife Martina still live in Frydlant nad Ostravici with their two children.

petra barborakova  school coordinator

petra barborakova

school coordinator


Petra joined the EXIT team in 2015 as a result with her connection with us through Festival UNITED.  Having a strong background in youth ministry and administration, she is essential in coordinating all of the logistics for the school prevention program.  In her free time, she volunteers as a youth worker in her home town and also continues to serve on the organizational team of Festival UNITED.


KLÁRA Michalko


Joining the EXIT Team in June of 2013, Klara helps out with the organization of church trainings and helps bridge the connection between the students we meet in the schools and the local church.  She also serves as a moderator during the school programs.

Tom MICHALKO  Sound & tech


Sound & tech

Tom joined the EXIT Team as a volunteer beginning in 2012 and since then has continued to amaze us with his growing skill as a sound engineer.  He has a heart for the unreached youth of his country and beginning in 2013, started a alternative style church service specifically designed for those looking for something "more."  In 2015, Tom joined the EXIT team as a full-time staff member.

   Tyrel Good  video & Tech


Tyrel Good

video & Tech

Tyrel first visited the Czech Republic in 2003 to serve at an English camp. He immediately fell in love with the people and the very personal and relational nature of the ministry.  Tyrel plans to serve on the EXIT team by using his skills to bolster online presence to engage students and connect them to the ministry. He also helps in further developing the concept of video evangelism within EXIT to share the gospel through film with high schoolers.

marek madensky  media specialist

marek madensky

media specialist

Marek first joined the EXIT team in 2013 as a media intern.  Following his internship, he began a year-long internship with EXIT which resulted in his being brought onto the team as a media specialist in 2015.  He currently holds a bachelor degree in Multimedia Technics and is currently working on his Master's degree in Audiovisual Arts. 

english program lead  lorena BECERRA

english program lead

lorena BECERRA

Not only is Lorena is the husband of Alex Becerra, bass player for Divine Attraction but she also leads our English program in schools and helps out as a moderator for the program.  Originally from Los Angeles, Lorena now lives in Trinec and in her free-time loves exploring the outdoors of the Czech Republic and volunteering as a youth worker in her town.

administration  anissa simon


anissa simon

Anissa is the backbone of our databases and handles all administration for the band.  Anissa and her husband Cory (of Divine Attraction) have been married since 2012 and joined the EXIT program in May of 2015.  She and her husband currently live in Trinec and also serve as youth workers for that area.

divine atraction (USA)  cory simon, brian bothwell, alex becerra

divine atraction (USA)

cory simon, brian bothwell, alex becerra

Divine Attraction is an experimental indie-rock group originally formed in LA, currently in the Czech Republic working with the EXIT Team. Their aim is connect to the listener through meaningful lyrics, catchy melodies, and a creative live show. You can find them playing everywhere from a local youth event to a national festival, with the same desire to lead others toward Love.

Divine Attraction first toured with EXIT in 2012 and then again in 2014.  In 2015, the band moved to the Czech Republic to tour with EXIT and related programs.